First Annual AMB Pig Roast

Come out to the brewery on October 5, 2013 for our First Annual AMB Pig Roast benefitting the Farm Veteran Collation. Learn how we're working to create a "full-circle" brewing process by donating our spent grain to local farmers to use as cattle feed.

AMB "Official" Grand Opening!

Thursday September 26, AMB will be having an "official" grand-opening with the Boone Chamber of Commerce. Get here at 4:30pm for raffle tickets to win AMB merchandise! Let me say, that we will have AWESOME beer specials tomorrow. I might just keep this one a surprise ;) Also, Anna Barnett will be bringing us live music from 4:30-7:30. We would love it if you, your friends and family came to celebrate with us! Ribbon cutting at 5pm!

Von Watzdorf Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest originated in 1810 as a wedding celebration between the Crown Prince of Bavaria (where Munich is located), Ludwig the First, and Princess Therese. Spread out over two weeks prior to the first Sunday in October, the celebration actually begins and runs mostly in September. Today, millions of people visit Munich during the festival each year.

The Oktoberfest beer has caramel, toasty, and malty flavors, with very little sweetness in the finish and a dark gold to copper color. Technically, Oktoberfest beer can only be produced inside the city limits of Munich, limiting its production to six breweries. The brewers for AMB, cousins Nathan and Chris, can trace their ancestors far back into Germany's history. Their grandmother's maiden name is Von Watzdorf, and this noble family founded the Watzdorf Brauerei in 1411, and it is still operating today! Unfortunately, this brewery does not make an Oktoberfest/Märzen. In order to honor our German heritage, we made this seasonal Oktoberfest and named it the Von Watzdorf Oktoberfest. It has delicious, complex malt character with the smooth mouthfeel of a lager. Come, enjoy this beer, and prost to Oktoberfest!

Baba Budan Coffee IPA

The IPA was frist brewed in the 19th century by the English. They would add massive amounts of hops to the beer for sailors of the East India Trading Co. to take on long trade voyages around the Cape of Good Hope to British colonies in India. Beloved by the red coats in India, this beer quickly became one of the most popular both at home and abroad. The antimicrobial properties of the hops helped prevent the beer from spoiling and saved many a thirsty sailor too. This IPA is of the American variety, using hops with more citrus and floral aromas to create a clean, smooth bitterness.

Coffee was introduced to India a few centuries earlier by Baba Budan, the namesake of this beer. A merchant and a smuggler, the legend has it that Budan brought the first seeds of the coffee plant from Yemen to India sometime in the 17th century. The collaborative brew between AMB and Fonta Flora brewery in Morganton, NC is named after him. Just as he brought the new flavor of coffee to the markets of India, we are bringing you this new variety of IPA. We took a true West-coast style IPA and infused it with 40 pounds of locally roasted coffee from Expresso News coffee shop in downtown Boone. The result is a delicious mix of roasted and citrus aromas in a beer that will delight drinkers of both.

Cheers to Baba Budan and his unlikely path to bring these two worlds together.

Barrel Beginnings

Beginning at the 2013 High Country Food and Beverage Festival (aka Beer Fest), AMB will be debuting its latest barrel-aged product: The delightful Black Gold porter aged in a Balcones whiskey barrel. The addition of a hint of whiskey aroma and flavor to the already smooth porter yields an excellent final product. We first used these barrels for two Peabody's tastings, aging the Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale and Daniel's Double IPA. These both turned out with a delicious whiskey aroma and flavor. In addition to these small barrels, we are soon to fill four unused 55-gallon American oak barrels. Expect a hearty, creamy, imperial oatmeal stout to keep you going in the heart of winter!